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Cold War Dogs
The story of an ex-Angolan soldier trying to hunt down a South African mercenary who destroyed his life, and is now out to destroy his country.


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Cold War Dogs

This book also features inside maps by Patti Andersen. I got the cover from SelfPubBookCovers.com (free plug for them).

If you followed the link from the “Cold War Dogs”novel on Kindle or Amazon’s KDP select, I would really appreciate a review.

Just How Much Do You Appreciate Reviews, Samori?

How much?

Well, this much: if you email me a copy of your purchase receipt (regardless of what you paid) and a link to your posted 100% honest review for my book on Amazon, I will:

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Reviews are important!

That Next Novel

When is the next novel coming out?  I’m typing, people, as fast as I can!  If only I wasn’t procrastinating with other short stories, it would probably go faster!

What’s it going to be about?  It’s another Angola novel, of course, and it will feature a couple of characters from “Cold War Dogs.”  I wanted to do something completely different, but then I couldn’t resist, I loved my “Cold War” characters too much.

Want to Know When I Do Things?

I’ve set up a new mailing list to keep you up to date, plug any related projects or appearances (not sure how that works with a Kindle book: “Yes, I’ll sign your Kindle! But are you sure you don’t want me to sign something else…something a little specialer?”), new stories and books, and reader feedback. Please join below.

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I Love You

Honestly, I’m so happy to write and to have you read!

Back in the early-teens, my family used to ask me: why did you write “Cold War Dogs?”  And I would reply “For myself.”  Because it’s not perfect, but I always loved the ideas, the stories, and I still laugh at my own lines sometimes, years after I’ve written them (I’m still wowing the kids with my poem “The World Will Blow Up On a Saturday Night” which I wrote in sixth grade in International School — okay, it was the Reagan years; back in sub-Saharan Africa we were a bit nervous), and I truly, truly enjoyed all the research I did.

Also, it’s a very personal story even though it has nothing to do with me: it does follow my own family’s trajectory kinda through Tanzania, Angola, and Yugoslavia.  And it features a hero that is an exact reflection of my favorite cousin Agostinho, who died during the Angolan civil war, trying to rescue people with a helicopter.

But then I published it and a few people actually read it!  And they liked it!

That changed everything: now I write to share and hopefully to make others a bit happier to read an interesting story.  So: thanks for that!

What else do you want to know or what else can I do for you? Let me know and join my mailing list, above.


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