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Goosh2 Analytics

Data-centered web and database extraction and analysis

Goosh2 Analytics is a division of Goosh2, LLC. We focus on data extraction from Web sites (web scraping) and from databases (data mining). As a result, we can then make comparisons, create new data, and pursue other analytics functions.

Goosh2 Analytics is managed by a Goosh2, LLC Principal, Samori Augusto. Mr. Augusto is an expert in Data Warehousing, Data Extraction, Data Mining, and Web development management. He is also a certified Project Manager. Mr. Augusto works with other Goosh2 Principals with similar and complementary experiences, as well as several IT staff working remotely.

Goosh2 Analytics’ clients are in the legal, healthcare, and real estate spaces.

Every proposal created by Goosh2 Analytics for a potential client will include:

1. An outlined solution based on the information included in the Project Description on Experfy. This may be a description of a solution (or even an alternative that may serve the client better), diagrams, or a prototype.

2. The basic steps we will go through for the project, once we have won the proposal.

3. Communication expectations – how often we communicate with you for status updates, jumping on Skype, or your favorite video app to dig deeper into the requirements.

4. Our pricing.

Industry: Healthcare, Legal, Real Estate.

Specialization Or Business Function: Market Research (Market Sizing & Opportunity Analysis, Competitor Analysis).

Technical Function: Data Management (Data Modeling, Data Profiling, ETL), Data Warehousing (Data Conversion, Data Integration), Business Intelligence (BI Development, Reporting, Dashboards, Ad Hoc Query, Search-based BI), Analytics (Data Mining, Machine Learning), Software and Web Development (Web Programming, Scripts & Utilities, Information Extraction Web Scraping System).

Technology & Tools: Business Intelligence and Visualization (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle BI, Pentaho, SAP BusinessObjects), Big Data and Cloud (Pentaho, MySQL, Oracle Database, Force.com, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon RDS, SQL Server), Data Analysis (RapidMiner), Web Analytics, Programming Languages and Frameworks (Java, SQL, WordPress, Python, Android).

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