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Short Stories

Short Stories

I also work on short stories.  I’ve put up a few here, and I will put up more in the future.  Some of these stories are complete, some incomplete.  I invite you to fool around with the incomplete ones, if you’re so inclined.

The rules:

  1. All writing on this site is copyrighted by the author of the work, when in doubt (or by default) it’s copyrighted to me:Samori Augusto © 2015.
  2. All stories are categorized as “Completed” or “Not-Completed”.
  3. The completed stories are only for your reading enjoyment.  If you want other people to enjoy them, please direct them to this site.
  4. The not-completed stories are also for your enjoyment, but I’m amenable to you adopting them and completing them, as long as:
    • You tell me you’re doing it.
    • You keep in mind that other people may be doing the same thing.
    • You don’t mind if I also publish them on this site with info about you (provided by you)
    • If for some magical reason you’re about to publish the not-completed story as a completed story (at a magazine or something), let me know–this is to remove confusion.  If that’s too confusing, think about it some more.
  5. Any stories or story pieces that an author records classify as completed stories owned entirely by that author.

Otherwise: enjoy!

“Another Strange Case” by Samori Augusto

“A Written Affair” by Samori Augusto

“Lucky Seven” by Samori Augusto

“Falling In Love Again” by Samori Augusto  New! 

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