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Hey! Welcome to SamoriAugusto.com.

Thanks for coming by! My name is Samori Augusto, and I do a bunch of things, but mainly: help you use data you already have to improve your business.

Samori Augusto

Please check out my personal blog and about Samori’s Stories.

Otherwise, as with all black people, there are many sides to me and on the personal side I have interests outside of data management, such as writing and anything about the wonderful African country of Angola.


Read my novel and a few of my short stories.

Also, take some of the incomplete stories and toy with them.


I created courses for Project Managers and Entrepreneurs. Check out: My Courses.

In the meantime, I’m working with a close friend on creating a Youtube channel called “Red Queen” that will help managers with technology terms and ideas. We hear a lot of buzzwords, but what is all that stuff like MongoDB, AWS, Agile Data Warehousing, Big Data, ES6, etc., and what does it mean for me in managing my team? Red Queen to the rescue!

Red Queen will provide short videos that give you enough info to be informed and have an intelligent conversation, and know a bit more about how to fit whatever tech into your portfolio of projects.

We’re just starting out with this, so please watch as we struggle along to create this content. We’ll launch officially once we have a more polished set of videos.