Samori Augusto

"Anything I want, I trap hard, and I get it" - Squadda B
"Taking tiger mountain, by strategy" - Brian Eno

Samori Augusto - AWS Certified: DVA, BDA

...not to mention the cats

This is the personal site of Samori Augusto. Thanks for coming by. I do a bunch of things, but mainly: help you use data you already have to improve your business.

More About Me
As with all black people, there are many sides to me. The public side works with data and consulting for small and large organizations. For the small folks, I created The BI Crowd. For the large folks: stay tuned, it's ongoing.

The BI Crowd is working on a tool  to Create, import, and manage Buyer Personas. You'll use the tool to create customer profiles of your best customers, to import user data from Google Analytics to create customer profiles, or to import the customer data hidden in your business systems (Quickbooks/Freshbooks, Shopify, Facebook, etc.). Coming soon.

I'm known for having created courses for Project Managers and Entrepreneurs.

On the personal side, I have interests outside of data nerdism, such as writing and really anything about the wonderful African country of Angola (which, don't let the HIPC ranking fool you, is awash in money. Like, think Russia in the 1990's type wild east kinda money).

How many cats are we talking?
On occasion, I update my personal blog.